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Online Bingo

Yes! You can play online bingo free.  Find out where to play free bingo and how to keep on getting free bingo cards.  When you play bingo for free you have nothing to lose and everything to win, especially when you are offered a no deposit bingo game.

Bingo Tips

One might believe no advice can be given to assist a player to win more games of bingo, and that there chances are completely random but some aspects of how well they do are in their control ... check if you're giving yourself a disadvantage! Play beat the bank.

Bingo online

This site was created to help you get more enjoyment when you play online Bingo in your local Bingo Hall or Social Club. You can shoot the breeze in the bingo chat rooms, enjoy learning the bingo lingo and play a range of rewarding chat games.

The main thing with Bingo is that you have fun, you can also win cash, win big Bingo jackpots from Bingo games, so we here at "Bingo Online" hope you have fun playing online Bingo and winning money too - good luck from all of us!

Use bingo chat online to speak to the "Chat Host" for any assistance you need!

History of Bingo

Find out how the Bingo name originated from an incorrect shout by a winner, also discover the name of the Italian game that inspired today's online Bingo, and how devising the bingo cards sent a professor insane.

You'll be amazed how many unique Bingo cards were created and how much was charged for each one back in ... interesting bingo history for you to quote to your bingo friends.

Bingo Mad

To create the number of bingo cards required to have a game of bingo without too many winners a mathematics professor was asked to create a system with sux thousand bingo cards without repeating the number groups.

The professor went mad developing the bingo system, so when you say you're bingo mad - save a thought for him as his work made the game what it is!

Online Bingo

Online Bingo games are enjoyed by young and old alike throughout the world. This site has been created to help you get the best online bingo experience in the currency you prefer, whether it's Euro'sUK Pounds, or US Dollars you can play online bingo and free bingo.

Don't forget you can play online bingo just for fun and free bingo at many of our online bingo halls.


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Online Bingo Cards

Spanish Bingo: Consejos de Bingo and Bingo Español